Police reforms underway to make it more professional


Showing firmness to their basic objective of maintaining law and order and ensuring peace in the city, personnel of Islamabad police successfully handled security affairs during the last seven months and ensured effective action against criminal elements.

With the support of the incumbent government and the Ministry of Interior, the top brass of the force is working hard to upgrade Islamabad police on modern lines, sharpen agility through the provision of resources and boost the morale of its personnel through welfare steps. During the last seven months, multiple steps have been taken to overcome several constraints and boost the morale of the force. All these steps have been aimed at creating a professional, service-oriented and accountable force to prevent and detect crime as well as maintain public order.

Making reforms endure, or institutionalizing change, is a major challenge facing policing today but reforms in Islamabad police followed a pattern due to the guideline of the present government and the special interest of its chief Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan towards efficient policing.

The policemen in the Federal Capital have added a golden chapter in their history, written with blood of their martyrs. The courageous role played by the police in the Capital has won hearts of people as the brave custodians of law and order prevented many disasters by timely action against criminal elements as several police officials and Jawans of Islamabad police embraced martyrdom in line of duty. For the compensation to the families of martyred personnel, police source said that an amount of Rs. 1,224 million was paid to the families of Shuhada and deceased employees. Similarly, Rs. 17.5 million was also distributed among families of Shuhada, deceased officials and other police personnel for welfare. The recruitment of next of kin of Shuhada has been completed and no case is pending with Islamabad police.

Among other initiatives for the personnel of the force, the major steps to boost the morale include increase in salary of 9500 officers as well as in DA Allowance & Ration Allowance; 30 gallantry awards for ICP Police Officers from Constable to IGP; promotions of five SP temporary basis, 14 Inspectors, 28 Sub-Inspectors, 33 ASIs; sanction for establishment of first ever National Police Hospital at a total Cost Rs.5.864 billion; e-health system introduced for police officials to ensure their fitness by reducing health related risks and awarding of law & order and executive allowance. Several other measures were also taken to improve professionalism of the force and upgrade it on modern line. During the same period, e-challan system was implemented through Safe City to control traffic violations in the city. Around 1010 law & order events were professionally handled without mismanaging a single event including events of May 25, 2022 while PTI long march, protests and rallies were professionally handled.