Police proposes bounty for 9 wanted car thieves



The Karachi police have proposed head money for the capture of nine most wanted car thieves whose network has been operating in the city for years.The Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC), a specialised unit of the city police, have written a letter to high police officials, seeking head money for the notorious car lifters.

It has also issued the pictures of the thieves, a source in the police department said on Monday, adding that the police had suggested reward money of Rs64 million for catching the nine most wanted car thieves dead or alive.Ghulam Yasin Bhayo is at the top of the list of the most wanted car thieves, carrying a bounty of Rs10 million.

The AVLC has recommend Rs10 million reward money for the arrests of four other suspects — Imran Bhayo, Kashif Abro alias Anwar Ali, Akbar Ali Bhayo and Nazeer Bhayo. It has proposed Rs5 million.

for Mujahid Jamal Mirani, and Rs3 million each for Muhammad Khan Mallah, Mumtaz Bhayo and Hakeem Bugti.

It has also been stated that these suspects are notorious car lifters and habitual criminals, and are wanted in dozens of cases. The gang is said to have been operating its network of stealing vehicles for the years.

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