Police nab man for searching hidden gold


A man claiming to be a pir (faith-healer) was arrested after he was found telling a man to dig for hidden gold under his house in Raiwind area on Thursday.
A team of the Dolphin Force, an elite security unit of the Punjab police to deal with street crime, took him into custody.
The law enforcers said the suspect was a fraud. He would visit different areas in the city and take money from people to solve their problems, claiming to be a faith healer. He has so far looted millions of rupees, the police said.
The pir told one man there were treasure boxes full of gold under his house. The man then started digging, but found nothing.
The pir had demanded two goats from him in exchange for the fake information about the gold.
Pakistan does not have any laws for black magic. Last week, a pir was arrested for harassing and attempting to rape a teenage girl in Faisalabad’s Ghulamabad, the police had confirmed.

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