Police kill man accused of disgracing girl’s body in alleged encounter

Staff Reporter

Police has killed a man accused of disgracing the body of a teenage girl in Thatta district, in an al-leged encounter, here on Sunday.

The Sindh police had earlier arrested accused Rafique Chandio for his alleged involvement in the abominable act.

“Accused Rafique Chandio tried to escape from the police detention. He opened fire at policemen at Babra Mori near Gharo, and killed in counter fire,” police said.

SSP Thatta said that the encounter took place at Babra Mori. “This man had become a symbol of terror for the local people,” SSP said.

“Some politi-cal people were exerting pressure on the family of the girl and police to avoid action against him,” SSP said.

Special Assistant to CM Sindh Sadiq Memon on Saturday confirmed that the police has arrested the man who reportedly dug up a teenage girl’s dead body and raped it.

According to Memon, the prime suspect identified as Rafique Chandio was arrested from Mirpur Sakro – some 33 km away from Thatta. In an appalling incident, a teenage girl’s dead body was reportedly dug up and raped by an unidentified man in Thatta district.
The incident took place in Ashraf Chandio village.

The 14-year-old girl’s body was pulled out of her grave after it was buried at a local graveyard on Friday and raped, sources told media person. The man dumped the body in bushes after sexually abusing it and fled.

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