Police arrest two thieves who stole women’s clothes


Police have arrested two robbers who stole women’s clothes from a tailor’s shop in Karachi.

A two-member gang had wiped out a tailor’s shop in Clifton a few days ago. They stole money, mobile phones and women’s clothes from the shop.The police identified the accused and arrested them with the help of CCTV footage received from the tailor’s shop.

Police recovered weapons, mobile phone and motorcycles along with women’s clothes from the accused.

A robbery from a tailor’s shop before Eidul Fitr dealt a major blow to shop owner and the women. The accused took the tailor hostage and stole expensive clothes.

After the robbery, the tailor said that he had been working in this area for the past 20 years, customers bring expensive brand clothes for stich to them, what would he answer the women?


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