Police arrest target killer Javed Langra


The city police have apprehended a target killer, Javed alias Langra on Friday, alleged to have killed three people, at Rizvia society of Karachi. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Maruf Usman announced the arrest of target killer while addressing a press conference in the metropolis.

He revealed that the District Central Police arrested the target killer with the help of technical means and CCTV footages. The suspect was apprehended from Rizvia society near Nazimabad area of Karachi. SSP Central noted that Javed Langra – along with his associates – was involved in targetted serial killing and robberies. During the investigation, the arrested suspect revealed that his group works for Arshad alias Mamu.

Maruf Usman further said that the arrested suspect killed Ibrahim Sheikh in Rizvia on June 4, 2022, with the help of Arshad Mamu and three other associates. “It was a series of murders and Ibrahim Sheikh was the third victim,” he added.

According to the police official, firstly, Jamshed Alam was killed in Preedy Electronic Market. “When the arrested suspect’s associate – Bahadur alias Faisal – was arrested, Jamshed Alam’s drive identified him,” he added. During the investigation, Javed Langra revealed that the driver – who testified and identified Bahadur – was later killed in Bufferzone. The suspect further said that money were received for each targeted killing.

The SSP central added that the target killer committed 11 robberies from January 1 to August 31, 2020 in various areas of Karachi.

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