Police arrest 100-year-old Australian woman for shocking reason


An Australian woman got arrested on her 100th birthday to make her dream come true, according to The Victoria Police.

Jean Bicketon always wanted to get arrested. On her 100th birthday, it was finally crossed off her bucket list.

The Victoria Police fulfilled her wish and crashed her birthday party to arrest her. They put fake hand-cuffs on her and wheeled her out of the venue.

Jean spent most of her life working as an army nurse and never had the chance to have a run-in with the law, reported Daily Mail. She was never drunk driving or lost her driver’s license.

The police department published a Facebook post with their detainee where she was seen smiling.

“Now these kinda arrests, we’re happy to make,” the caption said. The police said that when they found out it was on Jean’s bucket list to be arrested, they decided to “step in and help check it off”.

To make sure her wishes were met, three con-stables were involved in the matter with proper lights and sirens.—Agencies


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