Point system being introduced to suspend, revoke licences of reckless drivers

Zubair Qureshi

After incidents of increasing number of accidents and reckless driving particularly by the youth, the traffic police of Islamabad has decided to introduce a number of reforms including a point system for grading the driving licences of the drivers.

Through this system licences of the habitual violators of traffic rules would be suspended, even revoked in case they are found to be committing these violations repeatedly.

The point system for suspension and revocation of driving licences will be in place as soon as a smart driving licence for this purpose is launched.

Since the creation of the Islamabad Model Traffic Police (ITP) in 2006, its supervisory officers worked over it that has resulted in the issuance of licences with different colours and features.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Farrukh Rasheed the traffic police launched the new smart driving licence with latest security features. These features will ensure the introduction of the point system, he added.

The point system will be introduced after meeting some other formalities, he said, adding the system was being introduced under the suspension of driving licence chapter of Motor Vehicle Ordinance.

Under a new system, law breakers will be issued a point for each violation, says official
Through the point system, the ITP will either suspend or revoke the licence a citizen who violated the traffic rules repeatedly, the SSP said, adding there are 30 traffic rule violations which had either one or two points.

The violators will be awarded points, stored on his/her licence. When the number of points reaches 10, the ITP will suspend the licence. The suspension period on the basis of 10 points will be up to two years, he added.

Likewise, there are four violations, including causing death to a pedestrian. The licence of such a violator will be revoked.

Those whose licence will be revoked would have to pay a fee of Rs10,000 to make a fresh licence for the first time, Mr Rasheed said, adding those whose licences are revoked twice would have to pay Rs20,000 to get the licence for the second time.

After being revoked thrice, the licence holder will file an appeal in court to get it for the third time.

A chip installed in the licence having details about the holder will also prevent the issuance of bogus driving licences.

Furthermore, it can easily be integrated with Nadra and the excise and taxation office, he added.

Meanwhile, the ITP has also introduced a messaging service for motorists to get information about traffic situation and road blockades, he added.

The ITP will inform motorists about road blockades, disturbance on roads and information about alternative routes.

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