Podcast service of Radio Pakistan | By Zeeshan Haider


Podcast service of Radio Pakistan

RADIO is the greatest, most effective and powerful source of communication. Without sound, TV, internet, YouTube, cinema and other sources become useless.

The beautiful and charming voice captivates the listeners. Radio is the most effective source of entertainment, information and communication all over the world.

The importance and usefulness of radio is increasing day by day in developed countries like USA, Japan, China, UK, Germany, Australia, Russia and to name a few others.

According to a World Fact Book Report, there are more than 67,000 radio stations operating all over the world as well as thousands of web radio stations are also working. The feature of FM radio in mobile phones has given a new lease of life to the radio.

But unfortunately in our country radio was forgotten as a part of the past by the previous governments.

There are hundreds of government and private radio stations in the country but radio has been completely ignored at the government level in the past.

History is a witness to the fact that Radio Pakistan has played a key role in raising awareness of social and political consciousness and highlighting civilization and culture.

It is one of the oldest media outlets in our country with a huge network. All the Radio Pakistan’s stations all over the country are here by broadcasting political, social, religious, scientific and literary, ethical and agricultural programmes.

Most important, Radio Pakistan played an unforgettable role during wars fought against our arch enemies, India, especially during the 1965 War.

This oldest broadcasting institution has the honour to introduce such artistes, voice actors, journalists, intellectuals who have not only made a name for themselves but also increased the values of their country.

Where as Radio Pakistan has the status of mother of electronic institutions in the country. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, since taking the charge of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has stressed the need to shift Radio Pakistan to modern technology.

Because the country’s largest communications network was working without the latest technology since a long time.

Its universal truth that every democratic and undemocratic government of this country has used the platform of Radio Pakistan for its political purposes, but all the previous governments had not taken interest in the development and transferring on latest technology.

It is also mentioned here that a tremendous performance of Federal Secretary Information Shahira Shahid and DG Radio Pakistan Muhammad Asim Khichi was also included for boosting up this national broadcasting institution.

With the hard work, special interest and enthusiastic efforts of above-mentioned figures, Radio Pakistan has started podcast broadcasting a few days ago. Radio Pakistan has stepped into the field of modern technology by launching a podcast service.

From its state-of-the-art platform, Radio Pakistan will broadcast interviews of local and foreign personalities, news, documentary programmes, music, sports and other programms for the people from all walks of life including children, youth and women special audience programmes.

Digital media has a critical role in highlighting the Kashmir issue, combating Islamphobia and depicting true culture of Pakistan.

It’s a great distinction of Radio Pakistan that it has always remained on the forefront to educate, entertain and provide information.

After the launch of podcast, it is hoped that Radio Pakistan will play a vital and leading role for media development in the country.

This podcast service of Radio Pakistan will not only for Pakistani listeners but also Pakistanis living abroad will be able to listen to the colourful and heart catching programmes of Radio Pakistan.

Radio Pakistan’ podcast service is part of the national digital information platform keeping in view the vision of Prime minister Imran Khan for a digital Pakistan.

—The writer is a senior broadcaster/ journalist and producer.

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