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How Pakistan can aid Lebanon

Lebanon is facing extreme financial and governance difficulties, which has resulted in a free fall of economy and stopped various imports including food and medicines.

The Pakistani Govt can offer some help by allowing food imports on 50% credit or barter trade.

Pakistan can also supply pharmaceutical medicines to Lebanon, only if Lebanon accepts the DRAP registration as final and does not require Bio-equivalency testing at high cost and time.

Pakistan has over 750 pharmaceutical manufacturing units and can easily supply 90% of pharmaceutical and medical equipment supply to Lebanon at very low costs.

Similarly many Pakistani companies would be willing to donate some of their products to Lebanon as it would help those in need and introduce their products to new markets.

A donation drive can be initiated in Pakistan, while Lebanon can manage the distribution within their country.

This is a good opportunity for Pakistan to help another brotherly country and also introduce Pakistani products in Lebanon and ME market.

Lebanon can provide agriculture equipments that would help increase farm output in Pakistan, while Pakistan can supply food items to them in barter.


Flight cancellation

A major segment of Pakistani workforce abroad is drastically suffering due to flight cancellations of foreign countries.

A man from my village “Dasht Kuddan”, who works as a labourer in the UAE, stated that he has been unemployed here since the last four months due to flight cancellations.

Dozens of workmen, who work abroad like him, haven’t returned to their workplaces after spending their vacation with their families.

Frankly, a large number of the youth, who won’t be employed in Pakistan, finally seek to get labour and daily wage works abroad in countries like the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. As lauded by PM himself, they proved to help economy of the country as well.

Furthermore, passengers irked by flight cancellations, angrily vented on social media. The airlines didn’t provide any reason for flight cancellations and according to some passengers; an impression was given as if the CAA was responsible.

Hence, the concerned authorities should pay heed to this grave situation and ensure the return of foreign workforce, that is badly affected by flight cancellations.

Kech Balochistan

Violence against women

The cases of violence against women add up daily, this develops a feeling of fear in every girl of my age.

The rising wave of inhumanity and femicide either it is murder or sexual assault leaves one dumb.

The murder of model Nayyab by step-brother and pop star Nazia Hassan by her husband are most tearful cases.

And so on, my heart trembled into pieces when a teenage girl’s body was dug out and raped in Thatta as reported on 15th August.

Perhaps, every time justice is delayed and denied, which encourages men to continue the everyday misogyny and abuse. In conclusion, I highly recommend for strict response to such inhuman acts against girls.

I urge that rapists should be hanged openly so that girls don’t feel inconvenience every time they leave home.


First aid

The First Aid is the immediate assistance or care given to a person who suddenly becomes ill or injured from the moment of the accident till availability of specialized medical care.

It is essential for every member of the society to know about first aid techniques and learn it as part of their education so they can utilise their knowledge by saving the life of others at times of need.

The First aid has now become vital in our daily lives to avoid feeling helpless when one needs help and doctors are unavailable.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs and first aid can be used to avoid those downs in terms of medical health and incidents. In short, first aid is very important for us.


Bringing Zimbabweans back home

It is very upsetting that Zimbabwe, the bread basket of Africa is now in a state of hunger. The current situation is disheartening. It is unthinkable that this country was once an African shining star.

The ZANU PF government has destroyed Zimbabwe and brought it to its knees. Many citizens had to flee from the country in search of better lifestyle, jobs and security.

An awful estimated 7 million productive and able–bodied Zimbabwean men and women reside outside Zimbabwe. These people should have been in Zimbabwe and helping to boast the economy.

It is painful to think that their skills are benefitting others instead of Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government should really think outside the box and work towards creating a conducing environment that brings these Zimbabweans back.

The economic, social and political environment should be ripe to ensure that when these people return, they can be elements of economic developments.

It is high time that Mnangagwa and his clueless, careless and chaotic ZANU PF government address all the problems and solely aim to bring all 7 million Zimbabweans back.

If Mnangagwa fails to transform the country to bring back exiled Zimbabweans, then surely the countries that have been burdened by mass migration from Zimbabwe such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and the UK should intervene, call for Mnangagwa’s resignation or pile extensive pressure on him to transform country’s potential.


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