PM’s understandable logic


PRIME Minister Imran Khan said Thursday that a government is formed with a mandate of five years and its performance is judged after this period.

Talking to newspersons on the occasion of balloting of houses and flats for the labourers, widows and special persons in Islamabad, he said that people would start seeing things happening now that half of the tenure had passed.

The statement of the Prime Minister is reflective of the thinking of a majority of people of Pakistan who want the every elected Government to complete its five year term.

This is absolutely necessary as every party comes into power on the basis of commitments and pledges that it makes with the electorate during election campaigns and it should be able to concentrate on implementation of its manifesto.

However, we have observed that hardly any government was allowed to pursue its agenda and leg-pulling started almost from the day one.

This government is no exception and as pointed out by the Prime Minister predictions were made about failure of the Government from the very beginning.

The reasons behind political turmoil are fully known and the same problem would surface again after next elections if nothing was done to make elections credible.

The Prime Minister is right when he says the Government is answerable to people after mandated five years as voters would make a choice on the basis of performance of the party in power.

But it is also a fact that governance is not like sitting in a matriculation examination after ten years as pass and fail would matter only for a single candidate but in case of a Government its actions directly affect 220 million people on a daily basis and, therefore, it has to deliver in a continuous manner.

At least, there should be no addition of burden or increase in the difficulties being faced by people.

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