PM’s Sindh package an eyewash, says Nasir Shah


Minister for Information and Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah has termed the Sindh development package announced by prime minister the other day in Sukkur as an eyewash and added all the projects were already included in federal budget which were delayed due to non -allocation of funds.

He was addressing a press conference along with Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani on Saturday. PPP Karachi Division General Secretary JavedNagori was also present.

The Minister added that Sukkur –Hyderabad Motorways Project was conceived under CPEC in previous government tenure, Gaaj Dam project was launched in 2013 while schemes of up-gradation of passport offices and railway stations in Sindh were already included in federal budget book.

He added that Sindh government was ready to cooperate with federal government on development of Sindh but federal government of PTI never gave concrete program nor taken them into confidence for development of people of Sindh, PTI was just relying on fake claims and announcements.

Nasir Shah said that Sindh government was not formally informed about the prime minister’s visit of Sindh adding that Sindh chief minister would have received prime minister, if Sindh government has been informed officially.

Responding to query on Islands, The Provincial Minister stated that all the development on the twin island would be made with consent of local communities including fishermen.

Sindh government has mentioned it in a letter written to federal government but they had promulgated presidential ordinance and made the issue controversial.

The ordinance for creation of Island Development Authority was ill intended and federal government wanted to make island a federal territory.

To another question, he replied that recruitments through Sindh Public Service Commission were made on merit.

Pakistan Peoples Party’s Sindh government never believed in linguistic ideology. We have great respect for Urdu speaking community.

Nasir Hussain Shah added that Sindh chief minister had taken action whenever complaints were raised on the process of recruitment through Sindh Public Service Commission.

Sindh government has spent billions of rupees on the development in those areas also where PPP has lost in elections.

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