PM’s diplomatic initiative


FULLY cognizant of what will be the consequences if another
full-fledged conflict breaks out in the region, Pakistan has very rightly stepped up diplomatic efforts to defuse the current tension between two brotherly Muslim countries Saudi Arabia and Iran. It was in the same context that Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Tehran and held what we consider productive and comprehensive talks with the top Iranian leadership on the tension in the Gulf.
Addressing a joint news conference along with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Prime Minister Imran Khan offered to act as a facilitator between the two countries to sort out their differences through dialogue. Pakistan is already facilitating the Afghan peace process and if it manages to bring both Riyadh and Tehran to the table of dialogue, it will be a major breakthrough which will not help ensure peace and stability in the region but also once again prove the peace credentials of Pakistan and improve its image in the world. As positive vibes are also emanating from both the Muslim capitals with the Iranian President also stating that goodwill be responded with goodwill, therefore, we see no reason for the two sides not seriously considering the offer made by PM Khan. It is because of Pakistan’s excellent and trustworthy relations with both the capitals that it desires to bridge the differences between the two most important members of Muslim Ummah. Already the Ummah is faced with immense internal and external challenges and time warrants only greater unity and harmony to collectively address them instead of entangling in internal conflicts. PM Imran whilst talking to Rouhani very rightly said that only certain elements want to flare up tension in the region for their vested interests and we understand that both Saudi Arabia and Iran fully recognize those elements. To foil their designs, it is important that both the sides sit together to address their misunderstandings and move towards resolution of other conflicts including the one in Yemen. We have no doubt in saying that PM Khan is truly emerging as a true Muslim leader with the commitments he has shown towards highlighting the issues faced by Muslim world at the world forums. We are confident that he will not rest till the diplomatic initiative he has taken for regional peace and stability bears positive fruit.