PML-N’s Rana Tanveer comes under fire for cursing Imran Khan in NA speech (VIDEO)


Politicians across the globe are known for being firebrand personalities and such is the case in Pakistan, where politicians usually don’t care while taking a jibe at rivals.

In one such case, Federal Education Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain addressed National Assembly (NA) on Tuesday where he crossed limits and was rightfully stopped for hurling derogatory comments about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan.

Rana lost his cool when he shared an anecdote about the Karachi police’s action break into Maryam Nawaz’s hotel room to arrest her. The outspoken politician said “Wasn’t our daughter Maryam alone in the hotel when the doors of her room were wrecked? drawing a comparison with Zaman Park’s operation.

He labeled Imran Khan’s father as a ‘corrupt man’, sharing an incident when Rana Tanveer attended a function with the latter. He said in presence of Imran Khan, a person asked his father if he was his son. Ikram Ullah responded  “Yes he is my son but he is a b**stard.

The comments of the ruling party leader draws huge backlash online as journalists, politicians, and activists called out the minister for his word.

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