PML-N, PPP will not resign under any circumstances: Rashid


Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid has asked former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 10 questions. He said that by December 31, PML-N and PPP will not resign under any circumstances.
Sheikh Rashid while addressing a press conference at Railway Headquarters asked former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that why did the enemy call the head of the country Modi outside the country? “Did you consider it a threat to call from Pakistan? Who provided Ajmal Kasab’s address and data to India? Who attacked the Supreme Court? Why sent buses from Lahore to attack former Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah? How much was spent in the 2013 elections? How much money did you get from Qatar for the election? Who was behind Dawn Leaks, if he confessed today, why did he deny it first?
Who issued the letter signed by Hussain Haqqani for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto? How many days took in London to plan to stone the NAB office in Lahore?
You talk about vote, why don’t you talk about court? They get sick when the court summons them.
Sheikh Rashid said that today I am leaving 10 questions for Nawaz Sharif, I hope we will get answers by Monday, they meet on national issues and talk on personal agenda, can speak for one hour to speak against national institutions. Yes, if the court summons, an excuse is made that he is not well.