PMDP marks National Day of Minorities

Staff Reporter

The Pakistan Minorities Democratic Party (PMDP) organised a rally in connection with National Day of Minorities here.

The rally was attended by a large number of minority lawyers, intellectuals, farmers, labourers, political, social and religious representatives.

Speaking on the occasion, PMDP Abid Chand said that purpose of the establishment of Pakistan was to create a region for the minorities of the subcontinent in which all minorities could live religiously, economically, socially and politically independent.

“In his address to the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, founder of the nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had assured the country’s minorities that: “You are free, you are free to follow religion according to your own beliefs, you are free to make economic policies in the country and have an equal share in the state”, the speakers citied the speech of father of the nation.

The speakers said that minority leaders during Pakistan Movement had not only struggled alongside Quaid-e-Azam and rendered numerous sacrifices for the motherland.

They demanded that legislation should be enacted to end oppression, exploitation and deprivation in the name of religion and bring in all minorities into main stream.”

Minorities as Pakistanis as their Muslims brethren and they will always play due role for the prosperity and development of the country.”

Donik Lewis, Mojad Tanveer, Imran Chand, Aslam Rafiq, Siraj Masih, Aslam Farzand, Nashabil Nadeem, Abida Nadeem, Kerala Fayyaz, Maria Nair, Shehzad James and others spoke on the occasion.

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