PM Liz Truss: Test and Trust | By DR ASIF CHANNER


PM Liz Truss: Test and Trust

Mary Elizabeth Truss, 46, has been elected as the UK 56thpremier and 3rd female in the modern history of the country followed by Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

She captured the Conservative leadership contest getting 81,326 votes compared to Mr. Sunak’s 60,399.

She has a vibrant political carrier as she stared his political journey at the age of 17. Importantly, since 2010she has been the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk. She was also given the charge of Foreign Secretary In September 2021 after Labor’s Margaret Beckett as the second woman to hold the office. Interestingly, between 2014 and 2022, before holding the portfolio of Prime Minister Liz was the longest serving cabinet minister continuously under Prime Ministers David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

Unfortunately, the new incumbent at Number 10 takes on her responsibilities when the country is in deep and historical crisis on multiple fronts intrinsically and extrinsically.

There exists difficult economic and social situation all over the UK.

Rising costs of Food and energy have been flaring up the inflation which is in double figures for the first time over the last four decades.

Currently the inflation is at 13% and could exceed 20% in the coming months; hence Poverty is expected to ascent sharply in the UK. Public might gravitate to situation of inability to pay energy bills

Moreover, family expenditure on gas and electricity bills between 2021 and 2023would soar up about 3.5% which would be five times more than energy crisis public bearded during 1970,s as projected by the Bank of England.

The Bank of England also projects about 0.1%drop in GDP in the second quarter and technical recession might be faced in the fourth quarter of current year.

It is relevant to highlight here that since 1985 The British pound has deteriorated 0.3% to its lowest level against the US dollar.

Simultaneously the Public services are also in the terrible situation. Public are being exhausted because of longest waiting times to get healthcare due to multiple reasons like ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic which is causing the National Health Service overburdened, staff shortages and insufficient financing and funding, the condition might worsen in the coming winter

At the same times the local government social care including teaching institutions might suffer due to the similar issues as highlighted above

Economic growth and productivity is being suffered drastically as transportation workers, postal workers, refuse workers and lawyers are on strike due to the rising cost of living.

Consequences of Brexit are another big challenge for this regime as to fill in the unfilled positions as more skilled workers are needed Trade is also being suffered by Brexit deal as the imports and Exports is about15% lower than before the Brexit.

A complex global situation also exists. Ukraine is still under Russian aggression, the tension between China and Taiwan has been intensified. Terrorism, extremism and street crimes like stabbing need attention and prompt actions.

Climate crisis is another havoc to be confronted by Truss and her cabinet as record-breaking 40°C heat touched the UK for the first time ever including droughts around Europe.

This extreme global weather has been warning climate experts around the world. As during the last few weeks, there has been fatal flooding in Pakistan.

Though In her first speech at the 10 Downing Street she focused on top three major areas like economy, energy and health not ignoring the other issues but it’s not an easy going for her

She vowed to make Britain an “aspiration nation by uttering “together we can ride out the storm”.

Furthermore she reassured that she had practical plans to grow the economy through tax cuts and other reforms and she would push Britain on better track.

Truss wants Britain to remove the economic crutches of Russia and China and hopes for sunnier days ahead despite the ongoing economic disasters.

The recent opinion polls suggest a huge chunk of the British public have no faith in her ability to cope up with the secrises”.

Truss and Joe Biden have agreed on the importance of promoting peace and prosperity around the globe including Ukraine and Northern Ireland and other parts as well.

The strategic defense relations between the two nations have strengthened in recent past by AUKUS, a new partnership involving Australia which was signed last year.

At the same time, her own Conservative MPs is the overt danger for Truss who now the art of regicide and If she fails to handle them in coming weeks, she might lose support for her strategies in the house, a dilemma!

Political opponents of Truss are showing their lack of trust and faith in her leadership and any potential for bringing to an end this prevalent socio-ecomania turmoil

Despite these facts, on social media she is very much liked and is among the few government ministers having 54k followers on Instagram and300k on Twitter.

However, as pointed out earlier, she has a vast working experience in the various cabinets under three prime ministers and lastly working as the sectary of the state hence it is hoped that she would do better as she has already vowed to deliver and take the country out of all these crises especially the top three priority areas which she focused in her first address. Nevertheless it is not an easy job rather it is an acid test for her in this complicated global scenario.

The results of this new change would definitely reshape the UK but also the politics and future of the Constative party in the upcoming 2024 general elections. LetTruss, test and trust go side by side!!!

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