PM Imran Khan wins title of ‘Personality of the Week’


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts against Islamphobia have been hailed internationally as he has been awarded the title of “Personality of the Week” by the Al-Jazeera weekly program “Sibaq-ul-Akhbar”.

“Sibaq-ul-Akhbar” is a famed program which is aired in Arabic language on Aljazeera, the Qatar-based media outlet. It had held the competition in this regard.

In this program, the channel picks three to four top news of the week from across the globe and subsequently viewers are asked to vote for selection of the top news and personality of the week associated with the story.

Imran Khan has bagged the title after 56 percent of viewers voted for the Pakistan prime minister.

The program had held the voting on 24th of this month where PM Imran was voted as Personality of the Week for his efforts to address the issue of Islamophobia.

‘Man of the Year’

Last year in August, Prime Minister Imran Khan had been declared Man of the Year in the list of 500 influential Muslims, this list has been released by The Muslim 500 magazine.

The list of 500 influential Muslim figures also includes prominent Pakistani clerics Maulana Tariq Jameel, Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, and ARY Network President and CEO Salman Iqbal.

On the other hand, the title of Woman of the Year has been given to Rashida Talib, a female Muslim leader of the US Congress.

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