PM Imran Khan hailed for introducing Uniform Curriculum in Punjab

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Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Punjab on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan who addressed a press conference yesterday said that the Punjab government is going to implement a uniform curriculum in the province from the beginning of the first week of August.

The dream of “one nation one curriculum” of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar would materialize with the implementation of this decision. It is pertinent to highlight that during 23 years-long struggle of Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly promised the nation to fix the education system as soon he comes in power.

The Prime Minister had assured the nation many times in the past that without having a uniform education system in place country would not progress. Prime Minister’s slogan of “One Nation One Course” is now a reality as Punjab has officially announced the initiation of the program. Prime Minister is being praised by the people for giving the nation a vision to abolish the class education system by introducing a uniform educational curriculum and system which would provide opportunities to all.

Prime Minister during his speeches past, especially when he was in opposition, was found saying that he will education system created by the British. He believes that the uniform education system is the only way forward. Imran Khan showed his dissatisfaction over the current education system, as highlighted in one of his statements that three different types of educational curriculum in the same country are unfair.

He believes that the Muslims were facing many problems today because they were not in line with modern education. He said that the uniform education system is essential for development.

Prime Minister Imran Khan during his 23 year-long political struggle, promoted the ideas of Pakistani political role models Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

“We must get rid of the colonial education system left behind by the British colonizers and move towards a system which is compatible with the needs of an independent country” has been quoted by both print and electronic media many times in the past.

The Prime Minister always wanted to have an educational system in place which should not belong to any particular class or group but must be a source of providing equal opportunities to all the citizens of the country.

There are some notable tweets that must be highlighted here. Mr. Ali Asghar Khan, Regional President of PTI Hazara tweeted: I belong to masses and can confidently say dual education system has only harmed the most vibrant and talented middle class, he believes that a uniform educational system shall give an equal opportunity to all.

Jibran Ilyas, social media head of PTI tweeted “Another promise being fulfilled by PM Imran Khan. Now this one is not just for Elections Campaign, but it’s the one for Nation Building in Naya Pakistan; One Education System for all of Pakistan; this is a revolution that will make us One Nation!

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s social media volunteers were found heavily tweeting on a hashtag #ایکقومایکنصابپنجاب_سےآغاز. The hashtag was later on seen trending at the top of the Twitter panel as the hashtag caught the attention of Twitter user’s from all over Pakistan.

– Muhammad Sarfaraz Abbasi, the author is a Business Journalist and a Social Media Expert

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