PM greets nation on FBR’s Rs1,395b revenue collection

Prime Minister Imran Khan
Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Imran Khan felicitated the nation on Friday for the FBR achievement of collecting Rs1,395 billion in revenues in the first quarter of the financial year 2021-22.

“I congratulate the nation on FBR’s achievement of collecting Rs.1,395 billion in Q1 of FA 2021-22 against the target of Rs.1,211 billion,” the premier said on Twitter. Imran further said that the achievement represented “a growth of 38 percent in the revenues over the same period last year.”

Earlier, it was reported that the board exceeded its first quarter revenue target and received Rs1.4 trillion but failed to expand the tax base, as the number of return filers dropped 42% to just 1.8 million till the statutory deadline.

Due to the failure to increase the number of tax return filers coupled with the collapse of information technology system on the last day, the FBR extended the deadline by 15 days from September 30, which was given in the Income Tax Ordinance.

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