PM, Gen Qamar striving hard to boost economy

Staff Reporter

SM Munir, Patron-in Chief United Business Group, has said that Pakistan’s army is playing a great role in protecting the geographical borders of the coun-try. In addition, in the current economical conditions PM Imran Khan and General Qamar Javed Bajwa are striving hard to boost the economy of the coun-try.

He said that the improvement of the economical condition of Pakistan has began to emerge signifi-cantly and in the next few years Pakistan will emerge as a strong economical and political power of the region. He expressed these views at the din-ner in his honor hosted by Zafar Bakhtawari Secre-tary General UBG.

Moreover, he said that Pakistan’s exports have started increasing and it would be a good sign for the development and prosperity of the country. He further said that he will use his all ca-pabilities and efforts to solve the problems of the business Community .

Zubair Tufail, President, UBG in his address thanked SM Munir and the leadership of UBG for trusting him , Zafar Bakhtawari and Dr. Mirza Ik-htiar Baig as the new office bearer of UBG. He hope to fullfil the expectations of UBG. He said that the Secretariat of United Business Group which is es-tablished in Islamabad would not be dedicated only for UBG members but also serve the business com-munity across the country.

It will play an effective role in resolving the problems with ministries,FBR and other department of the Government.He thanked the overseas Pakistani for sending 30 billion dollars in remittances last year and admired their contribution for Pakistan economy .

UBG Secretary General Zafar Bakhtawari in his address said that Islamabad is important place for the country’s economic, diplomatic and trade devel-opment and UBG’s office in Islamabad will play a vital role in country’s economical development and prosperity.

He said that the real development and prosperity could not be achieved without the respect and dig-nity of the businessman.

We have to highlight once again the promotion of the Islamic Revolution in which the world’s greatest revolutionaries, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), Hazrat Khadijah Al-Kubra and the Rightly Guided Caliphs were traders and brought the examplry revolution in every sphere of life . Indeed we have to follow their policy and manifesto as a beacon of light.

Mian Akram Farid, Chairman, Founder Group (ICCI ) said in his address that the construction package given by the present government has re-sulted in economic growth of up to 4% and if ex-tended for another two years the economic growth could reach 6%. He said that a similar special pack-age should be issued for industrial revolution in the country. He further said that the loans and special package could start
for SME’s for rapid development in the country.

Former FPCCI President Ghazanfar Balour said in his address that during PM current visit to Uzbeki-stan, Kp Chamber of Commerce has signed special agreement with the Uzbek government, which will help to boost trade and economic ties between the two countries.

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