PLRA facilitating people at their doorsteps


Following the computerisation of rural land records in Punjab, establishment of land record centers in every tehsil Punjab Land Records Authority was established under Punjab Land Records Authority Act 2017 in order to sustain new system of computerised land record services.
The objective of which was the management of the land record center at one hand and keeping the system in sync with the modern requirements of public convenience and changing times, so that the dispersed system among most departments and governing bodies may be developed is in line with international standards into an integrated unified Land Administration System, at the other.
Since the establishment of the authority, a lot of steps have been taken to facilitate the public with regard to land records services. Valuable features include property registration for ease of start-up business, issuance of ‘Fard’ form the NADRA e-sahulat facility, access of land records to banks for quick processing of agricultural loans, online Fard issuance, establishment of 115 new Arazi record centres.
Likewise, the journey of the public facilitation is ongoing.Board of Revenue in collaboration Punjab Land Records Authority is commencing the service delivery at revenue estate level in 206 Revenue State level of 2 Qanoongoi from each Division, as a pilot. The aim is to make the PLRA effective by increasing the PLRA service delivery outlet. However, a general misperception is being created to discourage the authority in its endeavors for public facilitations.
All such rumors like PLRA staff might be excluded from providing land record services, banning the recruitment of new Service Center Officials, decrease in number of seats and reduction in contract terms, which are being aired with malefide intentions by negative players are false and fictitious. However, on the contrary, last week the request for recruitment of more than 550 Service Center Officials was sent to the Punjab Public Service Commission. In addition, work is being done to increase staff salaries and approval of service regulations.