Plight of street children in Islamabad First ever empirical study submitted to Wafaqi Mohtasib


The Federal Ombudsman has directed all concerned agencies of the Federal Govt. to implement the recommendations of the study report on “Plight of Street Children” in Islamabad prepared by the task force constituted by him.

He was addressing a press conference in his office wherein the background of the study, its salient findings and key recommendations were brought out by him.

He vowed to ensure the implementation of the recommendations. The study sets out priorities and gives evidence-based recommendations to the key stakeholders & government agencies. The research was conducted by Syeda Viquar un Nisa Hashmi, Advisor / Grievance Commissioner for Children and her team.

This was reported to be the first ever empirical study focusing on street children in ICT. The research is to be taken as a Pilot Project which would be replicated in other parts of the country.

The research revealed that child labour / beggary is an outcome of extreme poverty, homelessness / abandonment of children, etc., and predominately a lucrative family business of some communities and begging rings. The field data revealed that 91% sample children were living with their families / guardian (generally the migrants from Northern Areas, Nomads termed as ‘Changar’ and refugees), while 9% were homeless. The medical examination of street children CPI revealed serious issues of malnourishment, drug addiction, sexual abuse, skin diseases and even HIV.

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