Plane escapes crash following bird hit



Staff Reporter

A Turkish Airline plane was forced to make an emergency landing after narrowly escaping an accident when a bird hit it soon after taking off from Lahore airport Tuesday morning.

According to airport officials, the plane was severely damaged after a bird hit it while taking off from Lahore International Airport.

The flight of a foreign airline, TK-715, was on the way to Istanbul from Lahore when it was hit by a bird, severely damaging the plane. The plane was carrying nearly 359 passengers. The pilot, however, succeeded in landing the plane back at Lahore Airport safely.

All the passengers were shifted to the International Departure Lounge. Later, the flight was deferred indefinitely and the passengers were told to go home, sources said.

The passengers refused to go home and staged a protest in the departure lounge demanding the foreign airline to shift them to hotels.

The Airport Security Force (ASF) was called in to stop the passengers from continuing the protest.
The Civil Aviation Lahore said that the flight was en route to Istanbul when the bird collided with the plane shortly after takeoff and causing severe damage to the aircraft.

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