PJL urges govt to recognize Taliban govt



Staff Reporter

The Pakistan Jamhoori League (PJL) has suggested to the government to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan as a developed and progressive Afghanistan is mandatory for regional peace. “Pakistan will be the biggest beneficiary of peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

Chairman Pakistan Jamhoori League Rana Zaman Saeed, Secretary General Sohail Ahmed and other were talking to party delegations at the party office here on Sunday.

The PJL chief stressed that Taliban must ensure the protection of human and women rights in Afghanistan and said that Afghan citizens deserve better health and education facilities.

Rana Zaman Saeed said that Pakistani role in Afghan peace process under leadership of PM Imran Khan and COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa was exceptional.

Pakistan sacrificed more lives than any other country in the war to eliminate terrorism from the region. It’s the right time for Pakistan to recognize Taliban Govt. to start a new era of peace and stability.

The PJL chairman said that people in Afghanistan faced with the hardest time for 20 years and now it’s a new opportunity for Afghan people to support Taliban for their bright future.

Insha’Allah the time is not far away when Afghanistan will be a land of peace forever. Rana Zaman Saeed said that India is facilitator of terrorists and enemy of peace in Pakistan.

Indian propaganda to defame Pakistani armed forces is shameful and is condemnable.
Entire world knows Pakistan always stand with peace while India back terrorism.

India is committing genocide in Kashmir which is biggest form of terrorism; Pakistan will keep on exposing India evil face in world.

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