Pine nut exporters in Khost say they cannot move product



Traders in Khost called on the government to facilitate the export of pine nuts abroad.

Hundreds of tons of pine nuts are harvested for sale, but traders complained about the lack of markets and the lack of facilities to export nuts abroad.

They said that products from the previous year were destroyed and could not be sold and if the challenges are not resolved this year, there will be a big loss.

“We call on the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan to open the roads, most people are faced with challenges,” said Kashmir, a trader.

“They must not relate our challenges with the government because economic and political challenges are different,” said Dawood Zadran, a trader.

Meanwhile, officials in Khost said that the challenges for exporters will be addressed soon.

“The Islamic Emirate is trying to solve the challenges of traders,” said Shabir Ahmad Usmani, head of the Information and culture department in Khost.

The traders also called on the Islamic Emirate to facilitate the export of pine nuts to Pakistan, China, and other countries. —Tolonews