PIFD hosts first physical-virtual International Exhibition

Staff Reporter

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) is hosting the first physical-virtual International Exhibition titled: DRAFTS, Design Research Artifacts as an Intermediary Knowledge curated by Dr. Vidmina Stasiulyte and Faseeh Saleem.

The exhibition
Drafts presents work of Professors, Post Doc researchers, Doctorates, Ph.D scholars and Senior Lecturers from twelve different countries with their intriguing research artifacts in the field of fashion and textile.

This exhibition consists of seventeen projects, both individual and collaborative by twenty-three participants.

It provides opportunities to understand new perspectives for researchers, faculty, and students exploring research artifacts.

The design research is practice-based and is closely
connected with the experimentation that is embedded into artifacts. However, the question of what is an artifact is still understood in diverse ways.