PHC moved to get Rs100b funds for merged districts of KP

Staff Reporter

A constitutional writ petition was filed in Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Tuesday for the fulfillment of promises regarding allocation of Rs100 billion for development of tribal districts and giving three percent share to them under National Finance Commission (NFC) Award.

The writ petition was filed by vice-chairman of Tehreek-i-Islahat Pakistan Party, Malik Habeeb Noor Orakzai on the advice of the Party’s Chairman Shahjee Gul Afridi.

The petitioner has pleaded the PHC through Advocate Muazam Butt to direct the federal and all provincial governments to provide Rs.100 billion for the development of tribal districts and give three percent share to them under NFC Award in the light of decision of the Federal Cabinet.

The petitioner said that since 1979, the former tribal areas were facing war-like situation, which resulted in human losses and destruction of infrastructure.

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