PHC bans serological tests at Chugtai Lab


The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Wednesday barred Chugtai Lab from carrying out serological tests of Covid-19.
As per details, an inspection team of the PHC twice visited premises of the lab during the last week, and found out the Lab was carrying out serological tests of Covid-19 without consultants’ prescriptions. Its administration was warned against doing the tests sans requisite prescriptions, but it did not follow the instructions. Upon this, the PHC banned serological tests of Covid-19, and issued a notice for the appearance of its administration before the commission.
It is pertinent to mention that the PHC has already directed all the labs of the province that the serological tests (ELISA) will only be done on the prescription of the treating consultant, and the labs will keep the record of all these prescriptions, and will be made available to PHC as and when required.