PHC approves delivery standards for MCH centres


The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Punjab Healthcare Commission on Thursday has approved the minimum service delivery standards (MSDS) for the mother & child health centres.
The TAC, comprising health professionals, medical educationists and experts from all streams of healthcare provision, attended the meeting via video links. The TAC meeting, held at the University of Health Sciences, has also sent draft MSDS for the dialysis centres to the relevant experts for their detailed analysis.
PHC BoC Chairperson Prof Dr Attiya Mubarak Khalid chaired the first session. She appreciated the committee for consultations on the MSDS, and lauded the services of medics who breathed their last while performing their duty of treating the Covid-19 patients.
PHC Chief Executive Officer Dr Shoaib Khan thanked the TAC members for convening the meeting in a difficult time, and expressed his resolve for enforcing PHC’s regulatory framework.
Clinical Governance Director Dr Mushtaq Ahmed Salariya conducted the proceedings, gave a detailed overview of the commission, and highlighted important aspects of the MSDS for MCH centres, and various stages of the consultation in this regard. TAC Convener Prof Dr Ashraf Nizami presided over the discussion session.