The PGA Tour is looking to revamp itself in order to keep up with the fledgling LIV Golf league.

Despite warnings and bans on defectors, PGA is starting to lose golfers to the Saudi-backed league with consistency due to it offering eye-watering prize money.

In order to compete with the LIV Golf series, PGA Tour will introduce a revamp which will increase prize money for the participants and introduce no-cut events. The Tour plans to introduce eight no-cut events for the top 50 finishers on the previous season’s standings.

The changes will be introduced in fall 2023 and were announced during a 90-minute mandatory meeting on Tuesday for players ahead of the Travelers Championship on Thursday.

Greg Norman’s Saudi-backed LIV Golf series follows the same criteria and features eight 54-hole no-cut events with a $25-million purse with $4 million reserved for the winner.

The league held its inaugural tournament two weeks ago.

PGA’s events, however, will feature purses with $20 million on offer and will be held during the mid-season and fall portion of the calendar. Tour players who fail to qualify for the events will play in their own series of tournaments to earn their cards and improve their status for the following season.

Although coming across as a direct response to the LIV Golf league, potential changes to the fall schedule, including the addition of limited-field events, was being discussed at the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council meeting back in April.