PFA imposes Rs15m fine on food points


Punjab Food Authority (PFA), to ensure provisions of safe and health food to the public, had raided and imposed Rs 15.5 million fine on 1246 food points over poor sanitation arrangements across South Punjab during last month of May.

G PFA Rafaqat Ali Naswana in his statement issued on Friday about PFA’s last month performance, said that the operation teams had got checked 8640 points and issued warning notices to 6688 for improvement across South Punjab.

The vegetables on 52 kanals land irrigated with sewerage water, 18,190 liter adulterated milk, 2450 kilograms spices and 3700 sachet of gutka were disposed off in last month. The production of 25 food business were closed over violation of PFA rules till improvement in food.

Similarly, over 100 samples of various food products were collected and sent to laboratory to check the quality. He said that the cases against 6 food business operators were also got lodged over fraud and adulteration.