Persian literature professor Qayoom in critical condition


Abdul Qayoom, a university instructor who has taught Persian literature for more than five decades, is struggling with severe health problems amid eco-nomic challenges.

Instructor Qayoom has taught Persian literature for at least 56 years at Kabul University.

He asked for help from aid organizations.

“The printing services publish my books and then they receive the money. I mean, I don’t receive money from books,” he said. Instructor Qayoum has written 25 books and more than 100 articles. He has a Ph.D. in Persian litera-ture. “The former government didn’t support my medical treatment. I have paid for all of my treatments with my own money,” he said.

Professor Qayoom’s colleagues and students say his works are excellent.

“There are many good works of the instructor (Qayoom). He provided his opinion in over 40 pieces about language and literature and historic events as well as Islamic events,” said instructor Hisa Riyan.

“Unfortunately, instructor (Qayoom) is sick and in bed. I call on the government officials to take the instructor out of the country for medical treatment,” said instructor Rostamzada. Based on available numbers, more than 270 instruc-tors teaching at Kabul University have left the coun-try within the past six months.—TOLO

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