Performance of Punjab govt


Tuesday 26 November 2019ACCORDING to media reports, the Core Committee meeting of the ruling PTI, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, expressed reservations over performance of the Government in Punjab and decided to make some changes in the provincial bureaucracy. The Premier reportedly expressed resolve to make changes if these were necessary for good governance.
Performance of the Punjab Government has been under constant watch because of the reality that the province is considered to be stronghold of the opposition’s largest party, the PML (N). Policies and output of the incumbent government is compared with the achievements of the previous government. There can be no two opinions that PML(N) ruled the province for a comparatively longer duration and therefore, succeeded in delivering in different areas and it would not be appropriate to expect that the PTI government would match that performance in just one and a half years. Some initiatives have been taken and understandably these would take some time to materialize and only then one should analyse their impact and ability to bring positive changes in the life of the common man. However, there are areas where improvement can be effected with vision, hard work and dedication. The Government has been taking refuge behind non-availability of required resources to undertake projects and programmes for welfare of the people but most of the problems can be addressed without allocation of additional resources. These include checking rampant corruption, improving performance of police and revenue department, provision of quality education and healthcare, checking rising crime rate especially street crimes and initiating administrative measures to check artificial price-hike and adulteration. There is administrative machinery and the government only needs to make the bureaucracy work as per expectations of the masses.

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