People throng flea markets to buy warm clothes


City Reporter

With the onset of winter season, a great rush of people was observed at Landa Bazaars (Flea markets) in various parts of the provincial capital to buy warm clothes.
After the weather turned a bit chilly in the central Punjab, the sale of winter clothes was gaining momentum, especially in Landa Bazaars. Shops in Landa markets were seen displaying old and new warm clothes to attract customers.
Old Landa Bazaar, Borhwala Chowk, Mayo Hospital Landa Bazaar, Chungi Amar Sadhu Landa Bazaar as well as Anarkali and other markets were thronged people to buy warm clothes. Landa Bazaars offer sweaters, coats, quilts, blankets, trousers, shirts, woollies, children’s wear and jackets.
When asked a shopper Zahid Baig by this scribe about the purchasing at Mayo Hospital flea market, he said that inflation couple with poverty were forcing people to do winter shopping from Landa bazaars. He said that new clothes were very expensive and not affordable to buy so he had come to buy second hand clothes for his children and himself.
He observed that warm clothes in the flea markets were also expansive as compared to previous years.
Raheela Khurram, a woman customer who was a teacher at a local school, said that purchasing power of the salaried people was decreasing and the clothes that she bought last year for the winter from main shops were no more affordable this year.
Several poor customers thought a considerable increase in prices at the Landa Bazaars. The prices of clothes were higher as compared to the last year, said Tahir Khalil Sheikh, a shopper at Old Landa Bazaar.

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