People suffering from dumping site adjacent to Liaquat Bagh


The dumping site of Rawalpindi Waste Management Company Albayrak near Liaquat Bagh has turned the ambiance filthy and full of stink making it difficult to breath. The pedestrians, motorists on Murree Road particularly have to inhale bad air full of foul smell and filth particles while driving.

The people and offices in Arya Mohallah, Gawalmandi, Raja Bazaar, Chamanzar, Mareer Chowk, Moti Mehal, College Road, China Market, Rawalpindi Press Club, Water and Sanitation Agency, Rawalpindi Development Authority, Punjab Horticulture Authority, Rescue 15, Sports Complex, National College of Arts (NCA), TMA and several other offices have to face unbearable smell as the vicinity has been massively used for dumping offal of sacrificial animals.

A residentsaid that despite repeated complaints and protests the concerned civic body has not moved an inch to settle the issue, fearing that this would spread multiple diseases and emerge as a safe haven for the mosquitoes would spread dengue fever.

The Ladies and Children Park, situated in the heart of the city was a source of recreational activities where the greenery was destroyed after converting it into a massive dumping site.

The park which spreads over two acres was constructed in 2005 at a cost of Rs 4.5 million and was turned into a makeshift transfer station by the local administration.

The residents of the city have appealed to authorities concerned to remove garbage transfer station to another place because nearby residents were facing different kinds of diseases. The masses urged the civic authorities to establish a proper scientific landfill site which is the need of the hour to cater for rising solid waste management needs of the city.


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