People of Karachi have put an end to politics of bullying-threats: Wahab



Spokesperson for Sindh Government and Advisor for Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the people of Karachi have put an end to the politics of bullying and threats.

Terrorism cases are being established against those who surrounded and tortured the police officers and citizens. Imran Niazi has come down on fascism. Barrister Murtaza Wahab addressed in press conference in the Committee Room of Sindh Assembly Building here today. He said that yesterday the political party which calls itself the political party of change, the leader who calls himself peace.

The leader says that the party that used to talk about giving peace to the people, yesterday the nation saw how they tried to make the entire nation a prisoner for the sake of one person’s arrogance. PTI is the name of destruction not of change. They only gave destruction in four years. Yesterday they tried to destroy it once again. PTI has destroyed the thinking.

He also said that everyone is trying to hold the city of Karachi hostage with bad luck. These things of the city are the things of your father. It was with great difficulty that the politics of the strike was ended in this city. You are trying to destroy the peace of Karachi, People’s Bus, which is used by common people, you have vandalized these buses, forcibly removed the mothers and sisters from the buses, threw stones at them, but the bus did not run, then the bus caught fire. This is my personal property, not your personal property. These are public buses. Karachi Water Board is not my personal property. I call these suction machines magic vehicles. These vehicles clear the urgent line. Did the people of Karachi make the decision? Barrister Murtaza Wahab added that the van of the prisoners was also set on fire. They could not take the hostages; the empty outpost of the Rangers was burnt.

He also said that the Chief Minister of Sindh himself went on a visit to the city, the police, the administration were all present. In the afternoon, CM himself took the round of the entire city. In the night, the administration was working and the road was cleared. “The people of Karachi have put an end to the politics of bullying, now there is no room for the politics of fear, many people have been arrested and many more will be arrested. They came together and tried to control the crowd. We did not let them paralyze the city. If they had closed the justice house, they would have gone to the court. There was no loss of life. This is the success of the administration. Are standing all this is terrorism. 7 ATA cases have started happening. No one will be allowed to take the law into their hands. We should do the politics of honor and respect and end the politics of bullying” he concluded.

On a question from a journalist, he told that according to the law, his office can also be sealed. There is no recovery procedure in criminal law. The matter will be discussed in the cabinet. They prayed that the thought and the method are the same. Bilawal Bhutto played Pakistan’s case in India’s home ground in a good way. These people were talking negatively about it too. They were praising the foreign minister of India. This is enough. Something will have to be done, he added that for four years Imran Khan was the spokesman of NAB, today he says that NAB is doing abuses, when the legislation was passed, he used to say that a law has been made for Nawaz Sharif, and today his lawyers are resorting to the same law. He said that the court, parliament, army and other institutions are state institutions. What message are they giving to the enemies of India and the country?