People in Sindh’s rural areas await help for reducing their miseries


The plight of the people living in backward rural areas of Sindh is not hidden from anyone. Poor people struggling with the worst living conditions have no one to listen to their problems.

In this situation, the role of Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) has also become a showpiece. The SRSO Poverty Reduction Program seems to have failed miserably in achieving its goals in different districts of Sindh whose one of the main reasons being rampant corruption.

On the other hand, the administrative affairs of NGO have also reached the worst stage. The high-ups in the organization seem to be busy making their lives prosperous. The performance of the institution can be gauged from the views and opinions of these backward people. Public outcry has exposed the NGO.

Talking to the media, the poor and oppressed people said that no work is being done by SRSO to directly benefit them. “Women, children, old and young are all worried. No relief is being provided to them.”

The backward people in a depressed, frustrated and sad tone said that every day of their life is full of misery and difficulties and these difficulties do not seem to be diminishing. “But these trials will not demoralise us. Our body is weak but our intentions are strong. We have kept our hopes alive on these difficult paths. It is hoped that we will find our destination. We request SRSO to take practical, useful and lasting steps for our betterment,” they demanded.


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