PDM’s still intact and stand united, claims Fazl


The Secretary General of his own faction of JUI Maulana Fazl ur Rehman who is heading the eleven party opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Party (PDM), that is confronting internal rift, Wednesday claimed their existed no serious differences in the PDM and the alliance was still intact.

Addressing a party gathering in Peshawar, Fazl however, minced no words to express his resentment over the Pakistan Peoples Party decision not to resign from the parliament and said the resignation would have left the parliament half empty forcing the situation for new elections.

“If resignations are to be submitted, half of the Parliament would be empty.  That would call for reelection”, said the Maulana from DI Khan.

PDM chief who a day earlier stated that the “attitude of the PPP during the PDM meeting was undemocratic”, said PDM had suggested the option of resigning from the Parliament during yesterday’s (March 16) meeting and nine parties favoured the option of resigning from the assemblies but only PPP opposed the idea.

Maulana said we have given the PPP time to deliberate upon its decision and consult the chief election commissioner (CEC) regarding the matter.

“Disagreements regularly take place within the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), but the alliance still stands united”, he maintained.

Maulana who appeared quite perturbed over PPP Supremo Asif Zardari decision not to resign from the assemblies at any cost as JUI and Muslim League Nawaz had vehemently been calling for using the option of resigning from the assemblies in order the pressurize PTI government, however, said revealing the internal matters of the PDM which were discussed during the meeting would be a dishonest practice.

Fazl was also critical of the current justice system and laws of the country and role of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) saying despite more than 70 years since Pakistan came into being, the laws of the country could not be made in accordance with the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

He said that Pakistan has institutions responsible for making laws in the country as well as courts have a duty to ensure justice. “Are Pakistani courts capable of ensuring justice?” the PDM head questioned.

Deliberating the role of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) , Maulana said that since its inception in 1973 to review laws in the light of Qu’ran and Sunnah not a single law was formulated based on its suggestions.

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