PDM not happy over development of country, says Haleem Adil



Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly and PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said PDM is not happy with the development of the country. “Despite all the failed tactics of the PDM they are brazenly talking about going public again.”


He said in his statement that protests, sit-ins, rallies, resignations; all lies have come before the nation. PDM is actually Papa Daddy Maulana Bachao Movement. He said corrupt parties in PDM rejected by the nation cannot represent the people of the country.


He said people of Pakistan have put up a no-confidence motion against these thieves by voting in the general elections 2018.


He said under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan the economy of Pakistan is on the right track, Inflation has also been brought under control. He said today the economy of Pakistan is stabilizing rapidly, but this NRO-driven mob wants to spread chaos in the country anyway.


On the occasion of 5 Feb. day of Solidarity with Kashmiri people, Haleem Adil Sheikh said Kashmir is the Jugular Vein of Pakistan and people of Kashmir have been subjected to oppression for decades. India’s disgusting attempt to turn Kashmiris into a minority and its atrocities on the Kashmiri people has exposed its ugly face. India cannot change public opinion by its own law. He said Pakistan was with the Kashmiris yesterday and is still with the Kashmiri people today.


Haleem Adil said India is playing dangerous games India’s misconception that this issue will be suppressed. The Kashmir issue has to be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions. Kashmir is a matter of peace and order in the whole of Asia.


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