PDM movement has moved forward: Wahab


Spokesman of Sindh Government and Adviser to CM on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the statement of the common man of Pakistan was presented by PDM and despite all conspiracies and obstacles, PDM movement has moved forward. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference in the committee room of Sindh Assembly Building here on Monday. He said that incompetent and incompetent government of PTI has forced the people to take to the streets. Today, the PTM’s statement has gained public acceptance and the Lahore meeting said that we do not accept the policy of the selected government. He said that when he came to power, sugar was Rs 55 per kg and now the sugar mafia has completed its century. They are not ashamed that billions of rupees have been injected into the common man by the ATMs of PTI. He used to say that the Prime Minister has taken notice and after taking notice, the prices have gone up to Rs 80 per kg. Claims were also made on the report of the Sugar Commission but no action was taken against anyone The Prime Minister is congratulating that sugar has gone up to Rs. 81 per kg and is showing this kindness as if he has given sugar for free. The Sindh government spokesman slammed the federal government, saying it creates a crisis and then congratulates itself. That is why the people of Pakistan are adopting the PDM statement. He added that the gas crisis was escalating due to the incompetence and incompetence of the present government and the crisis would intensify next month. No one took part in the auction in the first week of January, and by the end of January, the price of the bid accepted had risen by 17%. He asked if any minister’s company supplies fuel to Karachi Electric. No action is seen in connection with the drug scandal. Even today, NEPRA has increased the price of electricity