PDM leaders blame Imran for ‘losing’ Kashmir to India

Our Correspondent

Leaders of the opposition parties, under the umbrella of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) blamed the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan for the revocation of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s special status by the right-wing Indian government of Narendra Modi.

Speaking at a public rally in Muzzafarabad on Friday, Pakistan Muslim League-N vice president Maryam Nawaz said: “Imran Khan had lost the case for Kashmir”.

“I want to ask you [Imran] what message do you bring for the people of Kashmir? Do you bring the message of handing over Kashmir to Modi, or, do you bring the message that you have lost the case of the Kashmiris?”
Maryam, continuing her criticism of the premier, said whenever Kashmir will be mentioned or discussed, “Imran Khan would be seen as the criminal”.

“It is the responsibility of the incumbent government to safeguard national interests, even if that government has been selected and is a fraud,” the PML-N leader said as she continued to heap criticism on the PTI-led government. She added that the black spot of losing Kasmir to India will be forever present on PTI’s record.

“Their foreign policy was two-minute of silence after Modi took over Kashmir, that is what Imran did.” She also criticised statements made earlier by the prime minister after his maiden trip to Washington and the meeting with then-president Donald Trump. Referring to the upcoming Senate elections, Maryam alleged that ‘show of hands’ is being pushed by the prime minister as “he sees his members slipping away”. “Always remember, a government is not accountable to the people if it steals their mandate.”

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, addressing the rally, urged the people of Kashmir to “reject” the PTI government in the upcoming AJK elections.

“Today, I want to say something to you. Listen to it intently. We rejected the 2018 elections. This is a rigged government. We will not accept the rigging in the Gilgit-Baltistan elections… and now they [this government] are preparing to rig the upcoming AJK elections,” he said. The JUI-F further called upon the participants to be wary of candidates who switch loyalties from their parties to the PTI before the AJK elections.

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