PDM can’t accept PPP, ANP resignation, says Fazl

Ijaz Kakakhel

Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman on Thursday claimed that resignation of PPP and ANP has not been accepted, claiming that the doors of the alliance are open for them.

“Both of the major opposition parties are not ready to tender resignations. PPP and ANP resignations from PDM have not been accepted.

The opposition parties suffered loss by not accepting my demand for not taking oath in assemblies.

I am in favor of trade with India. It is matter of jubilation for us that our forces have tremendous potential to fight”, he said this in an informal talk with the media persons.

He held PPP is eager to return to PDM. The matter is being delayed as they are mulling over our condition.

Time has been given to them on this count. The deliberation on their part over our condition is delaying this matter.

Time has been given to them in this regard. It is matter of jubilation that the alliance persists. The summit meeting of alliance will be convened after Eid.

He went on to say that if PPP returns to PDM and accepts our stance then we can accept their opposition leader in Senate. Awami National Party is also displeased with PPP for seeking votes from BAP, he claimed.

Its leadership had to announce to leave PDM
under some pressure. PDM doors are still open to PPP. We had sought explanation. If they give this explanation then matters will move forward.

PML-N will be headed by Shahbaz Sharif in PDM. He stated that a forceful mass contact movement will be
launched after Eid.

Political stability is must in the country to revive national economy, he remarked. There is no option for in house change in the current parliament.

With reference to electoral reforms Way can be paved for establishment of such a national government
wherein opposition side is in dominating position.

He underscored that there is no moral justification for Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi for staying in their offices following the Supreme Court decision in Justice Qazi Faez Isa cae.

Our stance on Kashmir will be strengthened against India when we
are stronger on economic front.

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