PCMEA greets FBR notification for allowing corridor for Afghanistan


Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA) has welcomed the government’s decision to allow the delivery of goods by air between Afghanistan and Pakistan, saying that it will reduce the difficulties faced by exporters and importers.

Association Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf, CTI Chairperson Pervez Hanif, Senior Central Leader Abdul Latif Malik, Senior Member Riaz Ahmed, Major (Rtd) Akhtar Nazir, Ejazur Rehman, Shahid Hasan and Akbar Malik in their joint statement said that obstacles in commercial transport through Torkham border should also be removed.

They said partially finished raw materials for Pakistan’s handmade carpets industry come to Pakistan from Afghanistan, but due to hurdles and difficulties en route Torkham border, it is very hard to carry out these goods.

They said that they welcomed the notification of multimodal air land corridor for Afghanistan by FBR.

“There is a demand from the government to give relief in freight charges for imported raw materials and finished products for the export sectors so that we can compete with other countries in the global markets,” they added.

They said that there is a need to relax the strict conditions of the State Bank regarding exports so that the country can get ease of foreign exchange.­—NNI


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