Dar meets sugar barons today to ponder over export demand

ishaq dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will hold a meeting with sugar mill owners tomorrow (Monday) to mull over the issue of sugar export and its availability in the country.

Sources said the finance minister has scheduled a meeting with sugar barons tomorrow to deliberate on the suggestions regarding the export of the commodity and its available stock in the country.

Dar will listen to the demands of the sugar tycoons. Sources revealed that the government was pondering over the export of extra sugar but no decision in this regard was made so far.

They said the government would accept reasonable demands of the sugar mills’ bosses. Sources further said that the sugar mills association would raise the matter of exporting 1 million tons of extra sugar.

The association claims that there are 2 million tons of extra sugar available in the country.

The body has linked the sugarcane crushing with the export permission.

If the government does not allow export, sugar mills will not be in a position to run, the association warned.

It said that the sugar industry has a stock of the commodity till Jan 15, 2023.

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