PBM to launch Thalassemia awareness drive



Pakistan BaitulMal (PBM)Managing Director Amir FidaParacha on Monday said that PBM has planned to launch a nationwide awareness campaign on prevention of Thalassemia among the children.

According to a report, approximately 100,000 patients are suffering from Thalassemia in Pakistan and every year 5,000 babies are born with this deadly disease.

These patients need regular blood transfusion and iron chelating agent after consultation with a qualified Haematologist along with regular diagnostic investigations on monthly basis which is unaffordable by the poor families in Pakistan.Amir FidaParacha said, “Thalassemia is a disease which can be controlled through educating people about its prevention.” He mentioned,”The reason of transmission of this disease to the next generation is basically the marriage of two Thalassemic patients which can be avoided through spreading awareness.” “Both the parents, if are Thalassemic patients, may not face the severe consequence of this disease but their child has to suffer for the rest of his life and depend on blood transfusion,” he observed. The MD PBM said,”Thalassemia awareness campaign will be run with the help of the universities.” Higher education institutions are the best platforms from where we can initiate our campaign by educating the young minds and engage them to further spread information about the causes and prevention measures of this disease,” he said.

Referring to the example of Turkey, the MD PBM said that Turkey has controlled over this disease through making a separate section in marriage certificate for the verification of the marrying couple if any of them are Thalassemic patient.

During last three years, Amir FidaParacha conveyed that the PBM has provided financial assistance to more than 3000 Thalassemia patients. Keeping in view the importance such centers and to cater the patients in Pakistan, PBM in financial collaboration with a private company had established a state of the art Thalassemia Center in F-9 Park to provide free of cost medical treatment facilities to the patients. “The main objectives behind creating this facility are to extend quality medical care free of cost, increase life expectancy and improvement in the quality of life for those inflicted by this daunting disease and provide a ray of hope amidst miseries of the children with neglected backgrounds and orphans and less privileged who cannot afford the cost for the treatment.—APP