PBM taking special measures to rehabilitate disabled: Aon Abbas


Our Correspondent


Underlining WHO’s report quoted as 15 percent of the country’s population are disabled, MD Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) Aon Abbas Bappi pledged to have turned them an effective part of the society by adopting exclusive measures.
While addressing to a ceremony organised to distribute wheelchairs among the marginalised sections of society here Saturday, MD PBM equated development of the country with rehabilitation of disable faction of the nation. Unproductivity causes through crippling segments of society is estimated to be reached around $55 billion currently to national exchequer, he read excerpt of WHO, a UN body committed on health affairs.
He called for making disable quite an effective through artificial limbs and assistive devices equipped with requisite technology. He said incumbent government was leaving no stone unturned to meet such a daunting task by taking good possible measures.
Punjab government has decided to launch ‘Ehsaas Sarprast programme’ for financial assistance of deserving widows women. Work on this project has been started under Ehsaas Kifalat programme while data has also been sought from NADRA regarding deserving widows women.
The disbursement of ATM cards to above 65 years old elderly people is also underway. As many as 580 elderly people have been registered across Multan district including 162 from Multan city, 96 tehsil sadar, 157 from Shujabad and 165 from Tehsil Jalalpur through four centres so far.