Pb govt to launch crackdown on hoarders, smugglers


The Punjab government will launch a crackdown involved in hoarding and smuggling of fertilizers and wheat.

Punjab Chief Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal has issued instructions to all deputy commissioners in this regard during a video-link meeting at the Civil Secretariat here on Tuesday.

The chief secretary said that only declared stock would be permitted in godowns and stocks would be seized in case of hoarding. He directed the deputy commissioners to sell the confiscated stock in the market at the officially-fixed price.

He clarified that conditional sale of urea with DAP and sale of fertilizers after 8:00pm would not be allowed.

He said that duties had been assigned to special branch to provide information to the administration regarding fertilizer, wheat smuggling and hoarding.

He said the officers to ensure monitoring of fertilizer stocks, sales and supply through the online portal and keep a close watch on the transportation of wheat and fertilizer in the bordering districts.

He also issued instructions regarding complete monitoring of wheat grinding and flour supply from flour mills.