Paul Pogba has fired back at his brother Mathias and others involved with claims of extortion against him after Mathias uploaded a video threatening to “expose” Paul with “great revelations” about the Juventus player.

Paul’s brother, Mathias Pogba, a former Guinea international published videos in English, French, Italian and Spanish on the weekend in which he vowed to make “great revelations about (his) brother Paul Pogba and his agent Rafaela Pimenta”

In the video, the elder Pogba underlined the importance of his claims by mentioning that the revelations will make people question if Paul “deserves his place in the French team and the honour of playing in the World Cup”.

But in his retort, Paul Pogba has fired back against the claims, labelling them as extortion attempts and has decided to approach the legal bodies to solve the problem.

A statement signed by 29-year-old midfielder, as well as his mother Yeo Moriba and Mr Pimenta, said the videos “are unfortunately no surprise”. The statement added: “They are in addition to threats and extortion attempts by an organised gang against Paul Pogba.”

“The competent bodies in Italy and France were informed a month ago and there will be no further comments in relation to the ongoing investigation.”

According to reports a large sum of money is being demanded of Paul in order to keep some personal information from being disseminated and shared on the web.

Paul Pogba is currently sidelined with an injury after returning to Juventus from Manchester United in the summer but he is expected to return to training next week.

A mainstay of the French International Football team, he will try and help them retain their World Championship crown later this year in Qatar.

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