Patel stresses need to create awareness among masses about family planning

Zubair Qureshi

The federal health minister Abdul Qadir Patel has stressed that should be greater awareness among masses about family planning in order to keep the population growth in check.

High Commissioner of the United Kingdom Dr Christian Turner, celebrated social figure and singer Shehzad Roy and representatives of the national and international organizations dealing in population planning attended the seminar.

Qadir expressed satisfaction that religious scholars are cooperating in this regard. He said the government wanted to provide better health and education services to our population from the available resources.

Our religion guides us in every matter, be it Covid-19, polio or population, he said and our religious leaders should be credited for guiding the people in the right direction, he said.

Today, Pakistan is facing an alarming situation and its population, if allowed to continue at the current pace, could jump to 366 million by 2050, he said. He said a well-educated mother can help check rising menace of population by adopting family planning.

The British High Commissioner while drawing the attention of the audience towards the alarming number of population of Pakistan said every year Pakistan’s population was growing by the size of New Zealand (around 5 million).

Shehzad Roy emphasized education was the best tool to check population growth and our schools, and colleges should act as the initial forums where children could learn about the alarming results of the large population.

The speakers were of the view that Pakistan’s resources were fast depleting and the country was among those worst-affected by water shortage. The government alone cannot take the responsibility of feeding such a huge population and all its policies and resources fail miserably in face of such a large population.


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